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I am passionate about connecting and sharing. It was because a good friend shared doTerra oils with me when I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease that I've had a life-changing experience from using the oils. Copiaba and Frankincense have kept me free of using Naproxen for pain.  I know use over 2 dozen dōTerra oils daily to benefit my self and my families health and reduce our toxic load in our home and bodies.


I'd love to share more about how these oils and the Life Long Vitality (whole food) supplements can truly support living your best life in vibrant health! I look forward to hearing from you. Stay bright.


Ready to discover self-directed health?  Envision a life where finding solutions to improve your health and wellness is simple.  With the use of dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, and my support, you can be prepared to address the majority of your health priorities.


When you experience something wonderful that has made a positive impact in your own life, you naturally want to share it with those you care about.  Learn how you can earn rewards for helping your friends and family.

Join My Team - let's create together!

Many people spend their lives trading hours for dollars and lack fulfillment or a sense of purpose.  Partnering with dōTerra to build a heart-centred business, anyone can choose to create time, energy and financial freedom through creating a lasting residual income.

If you're energetic, passionate about health, wellness and helping others while building a fun business that gives you freedom, then talk to me about joining my team.